Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Phew... had to take a couple days to "clear" my head after this weekend.

Woke up Saturday morning, got ready, and left with a new friend to the CC. Luckily, when we got there and started walking into the outlets, a lady told us that the line was already near the Gap. So instead of having to walk all the way around and through a maze, we were able to go right there. We were after this cute newlywed couple. The husband was from Canada, wife a manager at district chain. They were a great couple to have near us. Well... 10 am came and the applications were passed out. Number 163 was me!!!

Then.. the waiting begins. Constantly being told by mall security to get more towards the center, blah blah blah. lol.. The line kept following the shade. Then FINALLY, when we were closer to the tables, security told us to push line against the buildings. DUH!! Should have done that in the first place! But oh well, at least they finally got smart.
Then... I see a familiar face, ADAM HURTADO! He was a few groups in front of us, but he was the first alumn I saw. Made me happy.
Then I saw Ken and Austin Andrews. Made me even more happy!

They were the only alumns there I saw, sadface. But they were WONDERFUL! And... after talking with him, I have a teeny crush on Adam. lol... sigh... Im sure he is CONSTANTLY told that but oh goes on.. ha..

Then after meeting the alumns it was only a few minutes and we were getting our table groups. I was number 9. I got to be in Holland's table!!!! I was excited. I wanted either her or Brittney. But Brittney went on lunch break before we even got close to the tables. So we walk to Holland's table, she gives us the downlow on the questions process. And the questions are asked. We got to do 4 questions. Which I thought was pretty cool.. but I dont know if that was a good anywhoo. After the time was up I got a quick picture with her.

Then me and my friend were off to lunch. We looked at the clock when we got to the car and it was 1pm. So we were in line from 8am to 1. Phew. AMAZINGLY I only got slightly sunburnt on my chest and forearms. lol.. I was expecting a ton more, but I guess Im just that sly. hehe..

So the night went by... kept looking at the clock for 4 pm. Which is when the cc was supposed to be over. When the clock hit about 530, I checked Twitter and they had posted they were finished with the callbacks. That was disappointing! Normally they take at least 2-3 hours, but we only had like 30 mins to 1 hour. Dang. lol..

But they told us that they were going to extend the video submission date for us a week so we can get a second chance. So... since I did not get a call I am going to resend my video.

This weekend I surprised myself! I showed myself it can be easy to be social. Normally I take time to warm up to strangers, but I took everyone quick fast! lol...

So... that is where I am at now. Sent in my video via email. They havent viewed it yet. But Im not holding my breath for a callback. I figure if they were interested in me they would have called me back from my video earlier or the cc.

So in the mean time I am going to use my new Bodybugg I won to lose weight on my own until the next CC. I look forward to doing the next one! I am thinking of going to more then one. If they do one earlier before the last one either in another cali town or in a state near us, I will be there. And.... that gives me time to talk my mom into it She already is saying that she is looking into possibilities for leave. But whether or not she actually does it when the time comes is another thing. We shall see.

So... for the next few months this blog will be about my weight loss journey solely. Help keep me accountable!

And this weekend Im getting a doggie!!!! HEEHHEHEEHEH... Will post pics when get!!

Until the next post, yall have a great time. Remember, it's not a show that changes us, its us.

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