Monday, August 1, 2011

Congratz to a fellow Californian

So excited today to get news that one of the gals I met through the BLcasting facebook page got callback from her video!! That is AWESOME!
I must admit I feel like a proud parent. lol. The moment I saw her video, I KNEW they had to call her back! And if they didn't something was wrong with them, or they actually arent looking for what they are saying. But they did!!! I am SOOOOO incredibly happy for her!
I cant wait to meet her in person. She is such a great gal (what I have gotten from chats on fb and her video)... and I see her going far on the show! Oh I really do feel like a

So yeah, today was a good day with the BL peeps.

p.s. my video was delivered today... so prayers away and all that jazz. no holding of breath though, i do wanna live no matter the

I am just so happy!

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