Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mi Papa es en la casa

Woohoo.. my dad came home today for his week "vacation" from work. Now I did get a little disappointed because he looked like he actually lost weight therefore kicking him out of eligibility for the show. However, he didnt. lol... I told him what I thought and he made me watch him step on the scale.. haha... it was funny. So.. I still have a partner.. AND... Watching Season 6 gave me more hope. Shellay reminds me of my dad in the sense of their weight is more then what you see/think. So hopefully if the cd's see something in me they will give my dad a chance too. We shall see...

Only a COUPLE more days until I leave to LA... woohoo!!

I am excited for it a hundred times over. But sometimes things happen and it feels like the world is against you. lol.. that is way exaggerated for what I mean, but it gets the point across. First my acne decided to flare up.. so Ive been working the ointments..lol... Then I guess when I weed whacked the yard stuff got in my eye and irritated my eyelid. Cuz yesterday I woke up and my eyelid was a little bit swollen and tender. I wake up this morning and it looked like I got punched in the eye. Swollen to where it went up to a little above the color part... and definitely tender. It hurts whenever I blink. So I tried to get a doc appointment for today but they were booked, so I got one tomorrow morning. In the mean time I am going to be putting warm compresses on it 3/4 times today. But man. I am only imagining what it is going to look like tomorrow! I REALLY hopes it goes down by Saturday!! I dont want to show up with a swollen eye... especially if i get a callback I dont want to do the interview with a swollen eye... hopefully its a quick fix. We shall see bright and early tomorrow. The next thing is that my dad first made it sound like if we got a callback that he could easily tell his work and postpone him coming in. Today he tells me that theres no way he can, and monday is the only day he can do the interview, if not sunday night. So we shall see. No point in stressing about it if it doesnt happen.

So I am oober excited for another thing. Either after the BL or after the casting call, I get to get a doggy!! I am super excited. Depending what happens with the the casting call will determine when I get it. Not sure what one, I have seen a ton that I wouldnt mind. So I have to go and see them in person to narrow the choices down. lol..

k.. Getting tired so I will see yall later.

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