Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pulling the Weeds

That's right. I am pulling weeds, both literally and figuratively.

After reading a former contestant,Jessica Delf's blog (GREAT stuff!!!!) I started paying closer attention. Now this is stuff that I have been working on through therapy (among other things), but I am amazed at how many things can have a root cause of something that you dont even think of or think would even effect you. This is part of the reason why I chose the psychology field for my career. But off the point. lol..

Today I waited until it was cool enough outside to pull literal weeds from my front yard. It was after a pile was starting to be created that it clicked. A metaphor popped in my head. The weeds are the reasons why I have gained weight. In order to get rid of weeds, one has to pull the root out. Same as with problems/triggers/etc. One needs to get to the root cause of it in order to work and fix it.

That is what I have been working on these past months that has gotten me to the point of Ready to do this journey of the Biggest Loser/healthy living. I have been "weeding out" the problems and getting to the root cause of them. Puns intended.

So at the start or just when you are ready. We must find those triggers or weeds and get to the root. Sure we may be able to work our butts off and get the weight off, but without working on the mental side, we could easily fall back into the situation we were at in the first place.

I am always one that advocates counseling. I believe everyone needs one. Not saying need to go every week to one, but every once in a while. I am glad that I skipped out on the March BL auditions to work on my mind first. Now I am ready to absorb this experience and fully enjoy it. Now I can continue this journey, no matter the outcome of the video or casting call, and have the right mind set.
I am in no way saying that my front lawn is weedless, lol, but there is less.

Gearing up to hear about this weekends casting calls. Only three more weekends till mine...

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