Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weener, Weener, Chicken Dinner


So yeah. The last few days have been awesome! When I would feel down, something would happen and pick me right up. I have been shot up to the moon twice and it's only been adding smile/laugh lines. ha..

So yeah. I entered a sweepstakes to win a bodybugg just for fun... thinking there's NO way I could win. I'd entered similar contests before and NEVER won. But... the stars aligned for me. I WON!!!! BIG SMILES!!! I won a Biggest Loser Body Bugg with a 12-month subscription to the online service. HOW AMAZING is that??!!! So, if I do not get on the television show, I will have the tool they use to track and can be "hardcore" on my own. lol. AND, if I DO get on the show my mom can use the bodybugg. Which we both are hoping for the later one! hehe.. And I got a promise out of her that if I got on the show that she would do it at home. So it would be another story like Ben and Olivia. Hopefully at least. I think that would be AWESOME!!

(Just a little insight into the labrynth of my mind, I tend to over think/analyze things..)
So when my mom got home I started to try to get her to say then I talked to her to get her pov. So I could send rebuttles and possibly make her run out of excuses. Only thing is... her points were valid. With our family, she is not in the position where she could. There's a lot more to it, but no need to plaster her/our life on here. But she did mention that she hopes I get on because she would use the bodybugg I won to do it at home and surprise me. So we started brainstorming family members. I tried a couple of my cousins.. the one i really wanted is too skinny.. then i was just grasping at straws. I ended up asking a couple people who are just friends. And even asked my dad. Now my dad does not look or have that much weight to lose like the other males that have been on the show. But, he does have the minimum requirement!! hehe. So i thought Id give it a whurl. Guess what??!! My dad said okay!!! I nearly jit my head on the ceiling I was jumping so high.
So.. I now have an official team member.. my dad. Woot Woot. I already claim a nick name for him.. "Big Bird" I have to look into that first to see what meanings are attached to it, but that is his body type. He has skinny legs, is tall, and his weight is in the mid section. lol. We could be big bird and the cookie monster. HA..
Let me tell you. That would be interesting! lol... Not only the normal father/daughter type support on one end and sometimes bickering on the other end... but i think he would mesh well with the other contestants. And again, there may be some My dad and I are stubborn. Yes I get a tid but from my mom... the majority of it comes from my dad. lol. I heart my dad. He uplifted me when I first doubted this process to offering to be on it with me. It brings happiness and scared feelings. Mostly happy because I think it would make our bond closer. Not that it's not, but sometimes it's hard reading him. So if it happens this will smack us into understanding...

And fate worked it well, or at least it did if the casting directors like me enough to do the in front camera interview. Because my dad won a NASCAR prize through his work, so he will be there representing his work with my mom. That is the day of the casting call. But, fate has it where they get back the day after the cc, and he is home for a couple days before he has to hit the road again on the Wednesday after the cc. Soooo... that means that IF the directors like me enough from the CC and want to see how I am with my dad enough to call us back for an interview, then we can do it. I would hope that I could inform them somehow the date situation, but yeah. I am super excited!

So I have both basis covered. If on the show I have my dad to double my chances. If I dont, then I have the bodybugg.

2011 is turning out to be a GREAT year! Not only am I getting mentally healthy. But I have this opportunity to get physically healthy. And no matter what the outcome, I will work on getting physically healthy.

thank you Biggest Loser for helping me realize a lot and gaining the determination I lost years ago.

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