Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend of Calm

It was a GREAT weekend. My mother and I went to see "The Help" on Saturday. It was fabulous! I am definitely going to buy it when it comes to DVD. And I may even loosen my penny pincher grip and not wait until it's ten dollars. lol. Another little tidbit about me: I strongly dislike buying movies over ten dollars! It has to be absolutely amazing to me to pay more. I think its rediculous that they sell it for 25 the first week to a month then drop it half price after. Sometimes I have to wait forever to buy it less, but then again I dont NEED them. Right now there are other things more important that I need to put money towards then a DVD that may go "out of fashion" like the vhs. I dont know. I am quite the penny pincher none the less.

Back on topic. lol.

Then I got some outfits. I am excited for them! I was able to get new looks for me at a reasonable price. lol. Im deciding if I want to wear one of them for the casting call. Going to take a picture of me in it to get a "different view" of it before I make my final decision. I am excited. Doing a "test run" of it tomorrow when I do my errands.

Heard there was a TON of people at this weekends casting calls. I heard over 1000 in one city. I admire the casting directors for toughing through ALL the interviews. Then coming together at the end of them to go through all of them and make decisions for the call backs. Phew! I hope they are getting paid GOOD! lol. I hope they all take a BIG weekend vacation once it is passed to the execs to make the decisions!

Then today was a nice relaxing day. It was hot, but thank God for the creation of the air conditioner!! Got me a copy of the new Fitness magazine with the beautiful and wonderful Olivia and Hannah! I heard that they are at the Biggest Loser Resort Malibu for the next 2 weeks... SOOOOO.. I am hoping that they make an appearance at the casting call. How AH-MAZING would that be??!! But then an additional hope is that they are there long enough or whatever to wear I can grab a minute and picture with them. They are the couple that inspired me further to this journey. I had already made the decision to get healthy. But they helped tip it over the edge (in a good way). But we shall see... I also hope that Shay comes!! She also has helped me. She has been the most easily responsive to me and my questions. She always has the right words to say. But we shall see. No matter who comes, I am excited to see them. I hope I can get pics with them! That they stay longer then 2 minutes. lol. I am sure that there will be a lot of people there too. oh boy.

My dad is getting more excited for this too. Since he said okay to being my partner, he has texted and called a ton of times to talk about it. hehe. Cuteness. Sigh.

K... on to start a good nights sleep (hopefully) so I can start the week off right tomorrow... Night everyone.

12 days until my casting cal... AHHHHH!! soooo excited.

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