Sunday, August 21, 2011

Distance Between Us...

Why hello there my long lost friend... lol.. sorry I have neglected you for the past week!!!! I cant believe we are in the FINAL countdown until the casting call!!! eeeeeekkk!!! lol..

Well.. this PAST week has been... so-so. Did got get a good (in my mind at least) grade on my first paper in the class I am LOVING!! so that was a bummer. But.. I have a critical analysis due this week that I think I am going to R-O-C-K. I love the analyses. They fit perfectly with I do

Found out that Austin from BL11 is going to be at the casting call.. WOOHOO!!! He is the only one that has stated that he will.. (or at least the only one I have seen). Still keeping my fingers crossed for Hannah and Shay!!!! But OFCOURSE--- any of them would be fab-u-lous! I wish they were having a reunion that weekend so we had a greater chance of seeing a lot more of them. ha. possibly.

ummm.. OH!!

I WEED WHACKED!!! hehe. For the first time ever. I weed whacked my front lawn. Man!! I haven't sweated that much in a long time. It was one of those where your socks are soaked when you take em off... and sometimes (although gross) it's cooler to keep your icky sweaty clothes on.. lol... My arm muscles got soo worked out that when I tried to scrub my arm with soap n water my arms were shaking and I had to put my hand on the wall to sturdy it. lol.. it was a funny thing. And surprisingly enough I am not as sore as I thought I would be today. I have plans on working on the back yard too.. now mind you the back yard is big enough to put another house on... so there is A LOT to do. lol.. but luckily my neighbor offered to be our gardner so I will have some help. I told him that I am not going to let him tackle that on his own. lol.. And that I have to help him somehow. I started the "transformation" process on the yard I want to continue it. I guess thats the perfectionism kick in me. oie.. But anywhoo.. I was very proud of myself!! I dont know. I am not about to say this to say I dont need a man.. but it is nice to know that I can do stuff that is gender-typed for a male!

Dad is coming home in a couple days.. woohoo... so I get to give him the low down in person of what he agreed to. ha.. j/k. I really wish that they did it like the Australia version of BL.. where they actually took a family of more then 2 people. Of course if they did, for my family it would need the added stipulation of getting paid very well!! lol.. But my mom really needs this, I need this, and my dad does too. But my mom is the bill payer/scheduler of the family. So she will have to do it on her own if we get on the show... ofcourse she will have the bonus of having the biggest loser body bugg that I won!! heehhehehe..

lets see lets see.. oh... I got the cutest earrings this weekend!!! 4 sets of them. ha.. they had a BOGO 1/2 sale.. I had to. lol.. and I got a ring too... I love the ring!!! I am oober excited about it. Shopping for the accessories of my outfit for the casting call made me realize another reason why I want the Biggest Loser. Ofcourse this is a vain one.. but I need the biggest loser because there are soooo many pieces of jewelry that i heart that just doesnt look right because my fingers are to chubby.. or my neck is too thick so the necklace is smaller then its supposed to be... or earrings just dont sit right... lol.. I will be a jewelry whore when I finally lose the weight. oh man!! lol.. j/k. I am too much of a bargain shopper and analyzer to spend all my monies on jewelry. They would be prizes for me. lol.. I dont know.. I just know w/out the weight I would enjoy wearing jewlery more! lol..

k.. I am beginning to ramble as you can tell by the length of this blog.. sorry by the way... so I will bid adue..

5 days till Im in LA for the CC... BIG SMILEY FACE!

p.s. k.. sorry one last thing... but I just realized with seeing how many other people I am going to meet... I havent felt this a live in forever. What I mean is... fears I have had or dissipating.. confidence is rising.. and happiness is there..

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