Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pre-Game Home Stretch

Thats right folks... It's the night before I leave to go to LA for the Meet n Greet Friday night and then the casting call Saturday...

It was cool.. I got my photos developed today for the casting call... and the photo lady looked at them and we got into a discussion about me trying out for BL.. and she "memorized" my last name and said she hopes I get on and will be praying for me... it was awesome... lol.. this is wayyy far fetched, but it was like a TINY glimpse of how out of the box I can be. Hard to really explain what I mean, but eh.. i tried.

Dropped my parents off at the airport. My dad is a hoot. He thinks he owns the road and I guess the airport drop off lanes.. if he sees that someone can scooch up a little he will let it be known... lol.. oie.. It is going to be interesting if we get on the show together... BUT.. they made it safe to their destination. Then... I made it home without my navigation system. Thank you thank you... lol. I was quite proud of myself.

My stye was less severe today!!!! I was excited. It did not hurt today. Still was a little red and swollen, but definitely not as much as the past 2 days. Been doing the warm compresses and medicine the doc gave me.

Lets see.... Got packed.. still have to get my computer and toiletries together, but for the most part Im good.

Im a little worried. I havent gotten something that I was told I would.

lol.. I got a package in the mail today. It was from NBC and I started freaking... but it was in a different state.. then I remembered... my BODYBUGG. woohoo.. that sucker was busted open in seconds! Now I just have to wait a couple days to use it.

Im excited to meet everyone at the meet n greet! I feel like I have already known a few them... and am excited to meet the others. Team LA!! It would be cool if they did one HUGE Biggest Loser!! Where they had EVERYONE! lol.. Poor Bob and the other trainers would go crazy.. haha..

k... going to get some zz's before I hit the road tomorrow. Woohoo! I have never been so excited to go to LA before. lol.. normally I wince... with the thought of traffic... but no... grin from ear to ear now.. hehe..

nighty night all.

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