Friday, August 5, 2011

I like the smell of sweat (sorry for the TMI)

Eww I know!!! Sorry for the TMI!!

But I do. I like the smell of my sweat. The sweat that comes from moving... exercising! I always feel so accomplished when my tank is soaked and i can smell my deodorant working overtime. lol. Then that smell that your clothes have when they are soaked from sweat... adds to the accomplishment feeling. lol.

So yes.... I used to HATE sweating. Honestly I still do, but in the situation of normal day. Sweating just driving to the store and having the t-shirt be moist/wet from sweating. Or from any activity (other then exercise). To me, it's still hard to get over the embarrassment feeling from that.

But the sweat that happens from exercise is awesome. lol.

Someday soon, hopefully, I can get that smell of accomplishment on the Ranch. If not on the Ranch, then at my gym. Every time the excuse of "i dont like to sweat" pops in my head, I am going to remember the accomplishment feeling. And pray that that will push me forward.

Yoga today was good! I beat my scores from yesterday, and even did some advanced ones. Now mind you I was not able to do them as flexible as they did, but center of balance was good. Still have A LOT of work to do on my balance. But Im working on it. Then of course I need to work on my core as well. Slowly but surely i WILL be able to look like a yoga person.

i wish they had Tae-Bo for the Wii too!! that would be sweet!!!

Anywhoo. Off to get some sleep. Need to get a head start on the prayers for everyone tomorrow for the casting calls going on! Cant wait to hear the stories and see the pics!!!


  1. Tae-bo for the Wii would be awesome!!! I enjoy the zumba!

  2. I have the Zumba too... but I always end up laughing so let's just say I need to get some rhythm and or loosen up... but it sure does work ya out hardcore! the first workout dance I did on that thing I couldnt finish... but it is good stuff!