Friday, August 12, 2011

T.G.I. Friday!!!

I am so glad it's Friday. That means there are another round of casting calls tomorrow!! Woohoo!!! One is in Phoenix.. which fate would have it my dad has a load to deliver there. Unfortunately fate would NOT have him being there long enough to sneak over the casting call.. lame. lol..

But good news I got reply from casting director that I can bring a photo with me to the LA cc and thats okay.

Remember in a previous post where I procrastinated on a homework assignment.. I think it was the excuses post... anywhoo... I have seen that promise come a live in me. I have been doing well in my new class. Not waiting until the last minute to the work. And I must say... it feels GOOD to not be stressing over it. lol.. thats a huge duh I know.. but oh well. Ya live and learn right. It just took me a few years of repeating the same thing to learn. eh...

Im excited for tomorrow because my mom and I are going to see the movie "The Help." I will post a little review on here tomorrow. Then we are going clothes hunting for my cc outfit. The hard part Im having to deal with is the cost! The last time I went clothes shopping it was bargain hunting and I nearly had a heart attack at what i spent then. Now, I freak out looking online and seeing the prices. Now I know that I will wear the thing to it's last thread. It's just hard to cough up the money. Especially for the plus size clothes. They always add the couple extra dollars to the extended sizes... which is annoying. I mean I get it because it takes more fabric, but still... they dont change the cost between the sm, m, l, xl. Why do they need to for the 2x and above??!! Phew... need to stop before I go on a tangent.

In 2 weekends I will be in my hotel at this time... trying to relax enough to get settled into sleep. And the next day I will be going to the CC.

I am oober excited to do the meet n greet!! Bowling time!! HOLLA!!!! lol..

I want to wish EVERYONE a GREAT weekend! To those attending the casting calls... goodluck. Dont forget to be yourselves and SHINE! To those not, remember you are AWESOME! We are all amazing people! Show or not, we can do this!

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