Friday, August 26, 2011



Honestly today started off rough. I was this close (picture me holding my fingers close together) to not coming. I got sad because of a situation that happened with BL. But I knew that I would hate myself if I didnt. If anything, I will meet some new friends. Maybe some will become long term friends. So.. I finished packing... watched the rest of my shows on DVR... and off I went. I did pretty well if I say so myself. I thought it was going to be WAYYYY worse then it was! There was only one incident where a person almost collided with my passenger side front bumper, but my horn was blown and I was over it. lol... I dont see how LA'ians can do this every day! I would make myself try really hard to get a job really close to where I lived and my butt would walk back and forth to work! Anywhoo... I made it safely.
Got to my hotel.. again, appears better then I thought. And to my surprise it is A LOT cooler here there at my home! Plus, where my room is I get a breeze from the hallway. Ironically, I got placed in a room right across from the hotel gym. How hilarious is that??!! I guess fate is making sure I know no matter what results from this weekend, my butt is going to work out! lol.. I just cant get over that.

Then I felt like an idiot because I went to access the internet and of course there is a code and password needed. So I walked my butt to the lobby only to be told that it was on my key card envelope the whole time. DUH!!! lol.. I even saw it, but just thought it was something they used it for. So after walking back to my room, I did my homework for today. And am relaxing until the meet n greet. Will post more later (with maybe a picture or two).


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