Thursday, August 4, 2011

Green Thumb

So in no way do I actually think I have a green thumb. I do good with taking care of plants but then something happens... i dont know. lol..

But I have been doing yard work on my parents front yard, and I am actually enjoying it. I always avoided it because I did not want to look stupid in front of my neighbors. But now I just dont care. The yard needs it, we dont have monies to pay for a gardner, so Im the next best thing. lol. Thats why my parents had me right, free child labor. HAHA....

Anywhoo.. so yeah.. Im trying to figure out how to make our front lawn look better. Even am going to try my hand at a chain saw!!! woohooo... lol.. Well that is if my parents let me. My mom already said she would prefer me not to because there are bees in the bushes I want to trim. She would rather someone else get stung them me. Which sounds really sad, but since Im allergic, it makes sense. Im just hoping she can get someone soon cuz those things are crazy! To me, the bushes are like the eyebrows of the lawn. They are that bad. We have like an old guys hay wire hair unibrow thing going on.. lol.

Then theres the back yard. We actually kinda kept up with it when my dog was here. But since he passed there's been nothing going on back there. So now its a huge tinder box. Lots of dry weeds. So this weekend I am hoping that it gets cool enough to where I can try my hand at the weed whacker. So should be fun. Then I get to rake it all and put in trash can. Only trash is on Mondays, and its already full from what Ive done so far on the front lawn. So looks like hopefully Sunday is cool. So Monday after trash pick up I can put it right in. Eh.. we shall see. I just have to be careful w/snakes and such... gotta dig my jeans and closed toe shoes out.

Sorry for all the pointless nonsense. It's just weird going from not liking/doing any yard work to actually enjoying it and wanting to do it. I am taking charge more. Im sick of waiting and hearing excuses from my mom so Im going to do it.

Then I did a full yoga routine from the Wii fit. Fun stuff. Wasnt as on cue as I was last time I did it, but I did it. I always try to beat my previous scores on the Wii Fit. lol.. I even did soooo bad on the downward facing dog pose. It didnt even score me. Even though my hands were on the board the whole time the way my weight was distributed made it think I quit halfway through. When I didnt! I just kept hearing "you are putting too much weight on your feet" so I kept adjusting. And when I had what felt like most my weight on my hands is when it said i quit. I just cant see the tv to find my center of balance mark in that pose, so I guess i just have to keep winging it until I get it. I dunno. Then eventually when I get the yoga master rank on all poses Im going to move onto the advanced poses. Looks like fun stuff... lol.. Trying to get my mom to do some of the poses. They are simple enough and low impact that she should be able to do it. We shall see.

In regards to the Biggest Loser, I really thought that I would be a nervous wreck after knowing my audition tape was delivered. But Im not. Im actually feeling more and more confident with myself. Now that's not to say that I dont have a few instances where the thought of not being on show peeps its ugly head at me, but I just dont dwell on it or let it get me down. If anything, it has made me want to do more movement. (ie: wii fit or yardwork or something). So another bonus of this process. Still praying that it's in my cards to be on the show because of how much it would benefit my life, but at the same time praying for understanding and peace if it isnt in the cards for me.

Looking forward to hearing about everyone's experiences at the casting calls this weekend!!! Fun Stuff!!!


Just finished watching the LAST Harry Potter movie...

I was ill prepared!! Instead, my sleeve is wet and my fingers are annoyed. (Fingers annoyed because when I get anxious/nervous I push my nails into the "pads" of my fingers, or push the skin down around the nail or something with my Good stuff. Hard to believe that a series that started when I was in junior high is now complete. Sigh. Honestly, it was one of those movies that I did not really wish to see but my best friend made me see it. We then made it a tradition to see each one together. Only that changed when our lives changed. So the last few ones I have been on my own watching them. And every movie never let me down. I remember crying like a baby in the first installment of deathly hallows when Doby died!! And now the last installment had me going every which way. lol. All that to say... Harry Potter is a good series. Now I guess I need to actually read the books.
Yes Yes I know some of you are yelling at me... but I just never was able to read them. The size of them always looked daunting! So I cheated and just watched the movies. Yes, I know. Ive heard it a million times, the books are better. But I just never took the time to read them. So, now I have to. I have the time, why not. lol..

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