Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yep. I was working out with the Wii Fit today. Trying out other areas then I have before. One of those was the Yoga area. First may I say... MAN yoga is hardcore! One would think it isnt that much, but phew.. My shirt was soaking after completing the actions. The title of this post is from one of the yoga poses. The Warrior. I scored the Yoga Expert on that pose. And I find it to ring true!
I fight.. fight with all I can. With this new journey, I am even more one. No longer am I letting food beat me, or laziness.

(Read to the tune of the song "I am Woman")...

I am Warrior, hear me ROAR!!!

Then the rest of the song replace woman with warrior.. lol...

26 more days until my Casting Call. WOOHOOO!!


So.. my heart goes out to those who did not get a call back!( and in the next few weeks those who wont get one) Some of those are people whom I thought were shoe-ins for the show. It brings a multitude of emotions up. I only hope that they (and myself) can keep the energy and determination they had for the show into their everyday lives. Sure it would have been AMAZING to have all the resources that the show has,but ultimately it's about out health. Just take one day at a time. Walk a little bit more each time. Change your diets. Keep everyone on social networking updated so you can keep yourself accountable,and we can help too.
Now I realize that in 26 days I may have to re-read this post and swallow my own words. And Im sure that the first couple days will be hard to put this into action.
So I say, take your days of grieving. Be sure to pick yourself up. You were strong enough to put yourself out there at the CC, you are strong enough to do this now. Take charge.
I know personaly, I fear feelings of rejection or not good enough. But this process and meeting people who support is what we need to focus on. Slowly but surely we can do this! We CAN reclaim our lives! We CAN do this!

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