Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Beat Goes On...

Random song that popped in my head before I sat down to write this.. lol..

Anywhoo... it has been a week.. my time does fly by... phew... it seems to go faster every year..

So I started using my BodyBugg. that thing is COOL! I never knew how many calories I actually expelled. Even on days where I assume it would only be like 100 cals.. turns out to be a lot more then that.. lol..

But after a couple days into tracking I got sick. Sick with the stomach flu... those things are not fun!!! Augh... I couldnt handle having that on my arm.. it was uncomfortable to me at that time... and I havent put it back on since... sigh. I am still "recovering" a little from it... but thats no excuse for not putting it on.. i just havent done it.

Got my dog!!! My mom thought of a great name for him.. Patches. Because of his coloring, he has patches of color on his white coat. He is a cutie! Went to the shelter to look.. and funny thing is I originally was interested in his kennel mate. But did not like the way it interacted with other dogs, so I decided against it. Then I couldnt decide from the other dogs there so went to the local petco/petsmarts. Only to come back to the shelter... and I wanted to interact with Patches and a couple other dogs... and Patches was moved inside... hehe... and the moment I saw him there in his room I knew he was the one. lol... But I second guessed myself and decided to take another walk around to look at the other dogs I was interested in. Then I finally got a volunteer to get Patches so we could interact.. we being my mom and I with Patches. And I was sold on him right away. He was a love bug. And he was able to listen to me when I told him to visit with my it was funny. And he wasnt "yappy" or anything.. and he interacted well with other dogs too.. So I filled out paperwork for adoption! So a day full of looking at animals (10am to 4pm)... I went home happy knowing I picked a good one.
Then Tuesday I got to pick him up from the animal hospital (had to get neutered).. Let me tell you. He did not make me a happy camper at night! lol... he kept me up ALL night.. only letting me get 10-15 mins of sleep at a time.. lol.. But the second night was better. He still whimpered a little but not much... and I actually got sleep last night!!! So Im looking forward to when there will be no but he is a good dog other then that. Still have to do some training (for both him and I), but I heart him!

And back to the biggest loser looking back, it truly has allowed to me to "come into my own"... I feel more confident. Its a lot more then just simply that.. but not sure how to explain Let's just say I am excited for season 14 casting Ill be a few pounds lighter, but plan on being more confident. Just thinking about being an alumn is breathtaking. To have that family... to encourage others... ofcourse the healthy lifestyle I will be living It's like the possibilities are endless... I have ALWAYS... and by always I literally mean always.. wanted to help another person or persons. Now the profession has changed through the years (teacher, counselor, inspirational speaker, teacher, social worker, therapist)... lol.. but the goal was always to help someone better their life. This would be a BIG door opening for just that. To see how Olivia, Hannah, Adam, Ken, Austin, Ali, etc.. are doing just that... It would be amazing to list my name under theirs as a speaker at an event. To be able to run a marathon for a charity. Man... it's just exciting. Now I do realize that it's the lottery with casting... and only one person knows if I will ever make it on the show... but each season casting I know I will be lighter. If I never make it on the show, I cant wait to say at least, I dont weight enough to be on the show. I used to say that when the show first started... Now I get excited thinking about being able to say that. So no matter the outcome in the years to come, I have a good side to both outcomes.

And Patches (my new dog) is going to become one good cardio

"No one can do this but you!"

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