Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Freckle

Note: I am now titling my posts with items from my bucketlist and reasons why I want to lose weight and be healthy. This is being used as tool to help keep me motivated on this journey.

A freckle.... There is a freckle on my ribs that I have always wanted to show off. I know I know that is But there is something about that freckle.. the placement.. the size... lol.. To be able to wear a bathing suit (bikini or those one pieces that have sides cut out) where that freckle peeks out would be great. lol... I imagine myself having that "OOOHHHH YYEEEAAAAHHH" type

Anywhoo.. sorry if I just weirded you out.. but eh..

I just finished one of my classes... Abnormal Psychology. I am sad! I loved this subject. Mainly because this subject covers a lot of the issues I will be covering in my counseling. But the class itself was great. For those that dont know, I am doing my coursework online through an online university. This class gave me that actual classroom experience. It was GREAT! The discussions, responses, group work... it was all great. I hope the future courses go as well as this one...
There is only one sad note about this Even though it was my favorite subject so far, it is the first class I am getting a B in with this program. SADFACE!!! lol... At least that is how it is looking.. I have an 88%.. but still need my case study and class review to be graded. But I am not holding my breath to see it get up to at least an A- .. But I am still happy none the less... The experience was worth it.

This class makes the desire to start my career now... I have been checking the job listings daily for the nonprofits... and nothing I can apply for yet...

I could go on for so I will stop while Im ahead and go onto another subject...

I have dog fever!! lol... I already want to get another dog... To give my current one a play buddy... He is breaking out of his shell now and is getting used to my house/environment and he has started to play.. wOOOHOOO!!! lol.. I was so glad when he did... its soo cute!! ha..

Anyway..on the subject of exercise.. I get a big fat F for this past week!! I havent tracked my intake.. and havent worn the bugg so I have no idea of my output... but my weight has stayed the same... I am thinking about my freckle (HAHAHA) and will wear the band starting tonight! I know I can do this.. I want to... I moved here to focus on me and get healthy... and it's time to! No more excuses... no more putting it off... it starts now....

So next thing I know... my freckle will be on (the song "on display" by the real housewife of new jersey Melissa popped in my head)..

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