Monday, September 19, 2011

Play a FULL game of tag w/ my little cousins

* Lose weight to be able to play a full game of tag with my little cousins without getting winded or tired in the first few seconds... ***

I began wearing my Bugg again this past weekend... (round of applause)... I must admit I have not reached the daily output goals or the step goals... Ive been between 100-300 cals short. But I like seeing the deficit lol... thats why I love this thing...

BIGGEST LOSER starts tomorrow night!!!! Sooo I guess that's another thing the audition process did for me. I get more excited for the seasons. And this is weird (but ya know thats me...Im but it's almost like Im right there with them. Like I was chosen and am an alumni with them... so Im cheering them on. If that comes across in the freak stalkerish way I in NO way mean it that way.... I just feel "closer" to them since Ive been through the process of auditioning... Just imagine how I will be on season 13!! lol.. Cant wait to see the cast of that season too... to see if I'll be able to say "I know that person" or "I met that person"... fun stuff... lol.. Maybe someday this feeling will become a truth... but one thing I know for sure is someday I will not need the show (if i never get on).

The heat is back on for the last week of summer... sadface! But is supposed to cooling down by the time fall hits... MY FAVORITE season!!!!! wooohooo!!!

Patches (my dog) is doing well... we went for a walk around our street yesterday... he did good.. even got to have a little play session with a few of our neighbors dogs... I thought we were "bonded" enough for him to come to me in that scenario.. but no.. he ended up following the other dogs next door and would not come to me when I called him... so.. looks like training for us we will go when I get a job... until then, no free play or dog parks w/out a leash. sadface...

Yep... Just excited for tomorrow night!! woohoo!!

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