Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekend 1 Weigh In

Well... It's that time.  The time of the dreaded step on the scale and twinge in the gut when the numbers pop up...

Despite the rearrange of workouts and a couple mishaps in diet (I had a weakness for brownies earlier in the week)...

I still am 2 pounds down!  Woot Woot.  That leaves 13 pounds for my challenge goal (8 pounds for month goal).  SCORE!! I never thought I would see the 240's again.  Or at least in my 20's.  Only more fire lit under my feet to keep me going so I can late say the lower weights.   I feel a bit proud of this loss (despite how small it is) because a relative of mine made the comment that while living here in the south it's a hard to lose weight and probably wont happen.  So the fact that I made it happen I feel a bit more accomplishment.

Allergies are still kicking my butt... but am making sure to still get up move at least.  Normally I would want to stay in bed and watch movies and such...but since it's just sinus junk, I am making myself move.

I am excited also because today I FINALLY got myself a yoga mat, pilates ball, and yoga routine dvd. I have wanted these items for a year now... I figure I can be okay with it as putting it towards rewarding  myself for going from 272 to 248 (24 pounds gone).

I must admit also, that last night I almost did not do the Fab Abs workout. (Find it here:  )    But, I did it!  I fought the inner voice in me trying to talk me out of it.. and did it. I told myself that my day off is Sunday. And man... the planks are kicking my behind!  lol.  But I can see me at the end of the month blowing the 25 seconds out the water!  I partially dreading, but am excited for the 2min 30sec!  lol.


I like the FitnessPals "If you do like this everyday for (so many) weeks then you will weigh (such amount)"   ... lol..  It makes me excited to think I CAN weigh that much within the year.

Hope everyone stays focused over the weekend!  Dont give up!!


  1. Getting new toys to workout is the best! It gives you a little more oomph to get it done! I'm excited to hear you're slimmin' down already! Good Job!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by today! You started at the same weight I started with!! Two pounds is an amazing loss!!! Dont give up!! Keep plugging away!!