Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Challenge Week 1 Weigh-in & Confessional

So.. even though I jumped the gun a couple posts ago, today is the "official" weigh-in for the challenge.    And the weight is still the same (sadface) at 248.

It's been three days since that weigh-in.  With no pounds gone.  I know why, which is partially why its so hard to stomach.  But I admit that I did not sweat as much as I should have and did not stick to my workout routine over the weekend.  I did do everything last night (yoga and fab abs).

Today is supposed to be a gym day, but the weather is whack!  The sky must be really sad because it is raining cats and dogs and a few moans here and there.  I do not like driving when its raining this hard.  Especially in a rental car that has issues and the roads flood.  So... since Ill be "stuck" inside I'ma do an at home workout.  Doing a cardio workout plus leg workout, and a little yoga.

  I do love the yoga.  I created a dream board for this year (Will post a pic once I finish outlining).  And the dream is to go to Wanderlust Festival next year.  But in the today, I like yoga because it gives me something to envision.  There are certain poses that I either cannot do fully because of the extra body I have.  So I envision someday being able to do the pose fully and not be constrained.


On the life part, I finally have a job!  I just need to get CPR certified before I can begin.  But yep... Im excited.  Now I can go to gym before or after work or both.

K.  Hope everyone is doing well in their journey and sticking through on their goals.  It's week 2 of the new year stick with it!


  1. I have a friend who's married to a nutritionist/personal trainer. I go to him whenever I'm feeling down about my weigh ins or about how much food I'm eating. As much as I didn't want to hear it, Sometimes things might not change from week to week. It's the month to month where you really see your results. Don't be sad you didn't work out! Just pick back up and get going again!

    Good luck to another week!

  2. Sticking to eating and exercise goals is difficult when the scale outcome doesn't read the way you'd like. But keep it up!! YOU WILL SEE GOOD RESULTS!!!!