Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Earned my Shower!

Hehe. Went to the gym and definitely earned my shower.
I went to my gym for the first time at this location. So I asked for a tour. The gal was pretty nice, and was encouraging. She "pushed" for me to sign up for their new Kettle Bell class. But I told her I want to get back in my groove first. Which for me normally is after a week. After I get comfortable in the gym (where the equipment is,etc.). But I hope to get more active in the classes and such this year. We shall see. They have a cycling room which got me excited. That is one "ultimate" goal for me. I do wish to do a cycle class. But at my size now and how close the bikes are I cant. I get too self conscious and claustrophobic. But I am hopeful that will change before the end of the year! So yes.. after my tour I began my workout. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but I created a tunnel vision type thing to help me get through. I have a few notes of why I enjoy the gym (aside from the physical benefits).

 1) Its funny seeing guys in spandex shorts. Im not used to seeing that, and apparently thats "the thing" for this area. At least for the above 30 guys. I saw about 4 guys in those shorts. I grinned every time.

 2) The EYE CANDY!!! hehe. Its a nice time consumer watching them do weights. Helped me get through and finish my elliptical work out. I would say that the eye candy helps eliminate my desire for sweets, but Im not about to lie! lol. I know I will crave a candy at some point this week, month, year.

 3) I like being that person that another individual goes next to. You know that situation where you walk in to do a machine and scope out the open ones and who is around them. Im not sure about you, but I always choose the one with the most space between me and the others. Then choose the one that has someone that is less intimidating to me. I like being that person that is less intimidating to another. Especially to someone who is close to my size. lol..

Yup. I spent 1.5 hours at the gym today. I made sure to not push myself too hard! Especially since it's been 2 months since I was last at the gym. I plan on doing some yoga and stretching before I go to bed tonight to complete my first day on track. I plan on using this to keep me accountable with everything. So if it's been a while since Ive posted GET ON ME!!! Write me!!! Yes.


  1. good for you! It's always nice to have fun while you're working out!!! Keep it up! feel free to follow my blog :)

  2. Wow, I can't believe 1.5 hours at the gym isn't pushing yourself too hard! YIKES! Good for you ~ you certainly DID earn your shower!!

    1. There's a period in between the 1 and 5. Cant tell cuz of the font on the blog... but I spent 1 1/2 hours... i dont think I could ever spend that long at the gym working out... lol.. I just picture myself dying... lol.

    2. I KNOW you meant an hour and a half and that STILL overwhelms me!! You will drop the weight in NO time if you keep that up!! :)