Friday, January 4, 2013

Goal Time, Set, Go

It's that time now.  My goals.

The first goal(s) will be for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Challenge.

Challenge Goals:

**WEIGHT LOSS Goal: Lose 15 Pounds

*Wear my BodyBugg daily
*Log in at least 30 hours at the gym a month
*Complete the Fab-Abs January program
*Stretch hip flexors at least 3x week

*Drink two less caffeinated drink a week & change one drink to a caffeine free drink
*Eat at least one fruit a day (Oranges during winter!! lol)
* Log food/exercise in my FitnessPal app (add me as a friend .. search ehvball00)
*Pray daily!

There is my finalized set of goals!

I want to give a thank you to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans!  It has helped push me the past 4 days to stay on track and be dutiful.

Onto blogness goodness.. .
Phew... today I am pooped!  Yesterday I fell off track and did not do my planned workout.  I did very little cardio and the Fab Ab program.  I am throwing out the excuse that my allergies are kicking my butt.  (Hence the goal to eat an orange a day during the winter).  lol.  
I am hugely thankful to have FINALLY got called for a job interview today.  So I planned out my day as such:
Interview at 1pm then on my way home stop by the gym to make up for missing yesterdays workout.

Woot woot I did!  Almost forgot because my voice started crackling and nose clogging/running (STUPID sinus'!!) .  But as I was entering in an address into my GPS I remembered.  So I entered in my gyms address and boom, I was at the gym.  Caught up on working out my legs and arms along with cardio.  I did not do as much cardio as I wanted, but made sure to warm up and cool down with the teadmill.   It was funny... during my cool down on the treadmill I saw a skinny girl wearing the same yellow color shirt and black bottoms (I wore pants she wore shorts) and had hair up the same way as I did (a high pony tail).  So I thought... there's my after picture.  lol.   Motivated me to finish up the last 10 mins on treadmill when I wanted to quit.  It was only an added bonus that an oober cute guy decided to go on the machine next to me... lol.   We were going at the same pace the whole time.. and get this.. he stopped before I did.. hehehe...  

Felt good to finish... Im trying to be okay with the fact I didnt do as much cardio as I wanted..  At least I went right... lol...  oie..

So yes...

Thank you everyone

And a HUGE special thank you to Sisterhood for the Shrinking Jeans and my team!

2013 is ours!!!


  1. good for you to go and do a bit extra to make up for yesterday!!! I'll be eating oranges with you! (just bought a box of 30 for $5!) They're really the only fruit I care for. Keep up the hard work and your body will surprise you :)

  2. Good for you! Maybe I should set a few more specific goals in this area, too. I didn't do well yesterday or today either. But I am doing the fab abs daily ~ and it's ALREADY killing! (I have VERY weak upper body muscles!!) I hate it that I had to switch to "girlie" push-ups already, but my gut muscles just aren't strong enough to keep my back straight and my lower back is already giving me some issues. Hopefully, this month will go a long way torwards fixing that!