Sunday, January 6, 2013

Let the people Rest

Thank goodness today is a rest day!!

I think I have an infection that switches between sinus and ear.  Once I get rid of one, the other comes.  And this morning I was wonked!!  lol.  Im still going to try to do some yoga, and I definitely am staying on the right track food wise.. but its one of those days where I just want stay in bed...

But yeah.. Im hoping this rest day will recoup my system in preparation for the new week.  I dont want to back track which happens a lot when I lose weight.  Staying motivated!

OHHH!!!!   I have decided (and recruited a friend of mine) to do a 5k at the end of March.  It's one of the Color Runs... which has me oober excited.  Anyone in the Houston, TX area available March 24th... and wants to do with.. contact me!  We can try to create a team and the price is a teeny bit less.  lol..   But yeah... Im excited because the pictures show peoples of all sizes doing it.. so yeah.. Ill be adding a 5k program to my weekly workout.  Ill be working on a walking time and half/half time.

Woot Woot!!!  Im excited.

K.. now off to thinking of my outfit for the Run...

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  1. how fun! I have a friend that runs in a tutu through the color runs. Her before and after pics are always so fun! Hope you get to feelin' better and stay motivated!!!