Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goal Rough Draft and such

Just so everyone knows, I am thinking of doing daily posts (or every other day) during the "making a habit" phase to keep me accountable and such.  So yeah... sorry a head of time to the nonsense posts I create.. lol.   

So part of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans (check them out here:  )  is making a goal list.  Can be any number.   Also, Courtney Crozier (From the Biggest Loser Season 11, posted a nifty idea to pick 13 goals for 2013.  Tying both the Sisterhood's and Courtney's ideas, one can break up a "major" goal into benchmark goals for higher achievement feelings.   For instance: the goal to Run a 5K can be broken down into benchmark goals of running .5 mile straight, 1 mile straight, 2 miles straight, etc..  

So in thinking of goals for myself (I can create a book length worth of  but narrowing down and breaking down some will take some time.. so I will post what is meandering around in my head until I finalize on Friday my goal list that I will create a poster of sorts and put on my motivation wall so I can check as I accomplish and always be aware of my goals.  I will set up my goal list monthly.  So I can re-assess at end of month for the next month.  I can fix the game plan if need to at that time also.  So here goes nothing. 


January Goals-- 
Main goal:  Lose 9 lbs (2lbs a week)
How I will accomplish main goal:
-----Spend 30 hours at the gym. 
----- Complete the Sisterhood's Fab-Abs January program
-----Cut out two soda drinks a week 
---- Be accountable to blog, twitter, facebook, Sisterhood group
---- Stretch hip flexors 4xs week, if not daily
---- Pray daily

Im going to sleep on those and see if need or want to add anything.  Yup.  

On a side note, I am surprised at how not sore I am.  I expected (because of past experiences) to barely be able to walk today, but Im good.  Just  a 'lil sore.  Oh and I finally think I figured out my hip pain that I've had for 10 years now.  I think I have oober tight hip flexors.  Which makes sense now when I think back to certain positions that caused pain, etc.  And how/why my body is positioned the way it is.    So I will be doing yoga and other stretches designed for opening the hip flexors.  Hopefully that will allow me to not only do more activity, but also fix my posture.  
Today's plan is to do a yoga video I have (on top of the Fab-Abs routine).  

Everyone have a GREAT day!! We CAN do this!!  


  1. I've really only got one goal on my blog for this month. Well, really it's two months, I guess ~ I'd determined a few days ago already that I wanted to reach a certain weight by the end of February, so that's what I'm working on. Oh, I guess sticking to my tried-and-true eating plan, too. Okay, so I've got TWO goals for TWO months!! :)

    1. PS. If you click to see my profile, it will take you to my "real" blog instead of the weight loss one. My weight loss blog is: