Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vision board ponderings

So this is a "side post". Lol. Like side note but blog version. Hehe.

This past week has been hard for me on-the motivation side. It's like i "want" to go to the gym, but I can't get my body to go. The whole talking myself out thing is happening again. They say mind over matter... And my mind is holding me back. Arg.. So there's another thing on my list to fix.

Anywhoo back to the post. I have been struggling with motivation and so I decided to create a vision board. Not just for weightless Which is the main goal but for other things in my life. I have been collecting images for awhile so I guess subconsciously I wanted to Create one a long time ago. Lol. But when seeing some images I picked out, as well as looking at some other peoples' boards, a question and fear cane to my mind:
Where is the line between a healthy weightless vision board and the type known as thinspo or thinsporation?

I know for some people they don't even have to worry about crossing that line between healthy weight loss and an eating disorder. But (honesty moment hear please don't judge) I have struggled with eating disorders in the past. I have gotten help and really with all the true life tv how's about them and from my psych classes, I can say I know enough to not go back to that point.
But it is this experience that brings a cautious eye to the creation of these boards for me. I am in no way against them ( I mean I'm going o create one). I just know how easy it can be to slip into the pressures and allow images that at first were meant to motivate and inspire on the positive side turn into images of negativity and used for comparison and lower esteem even more.
So what or where is that line?

Can the mental view stay and keep its purpose?

Anyways. Sorry about the blah fest!

When I finally complete mine I will post a picture.

Another post to come tomorrow (I'm hoping).

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