Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To no longer be just a pretty smile

Well after a really long sabbatical I'm back.. I know I know where have I been? Lol...

As the new year approaches the normal of resolution creations begin. for me there have been a ton of resolutions not succeeded. So this new year I'm not making any resolutions, they will only set me up for failure which will cause part of the reason why I even need resolutions. So instead I'm making plans.

Already have it set ip to go to the gym after work.
Know my eating plan (weight watcher).
Have a budget planned out.
Am making dr. Appointments

This new year I have deemed my Year of Health.

No longer am I going to accept me caring about everyone and thing but myself. In order to be there for others I need to take care of myself. I am finally at a point (mentally) to set things in motion.
My life, my job, and my future need me to take care of myself NOW!

I can't wait until the session of work where I can be more active with the kiddo... Where I don't need to take a second to catch my breath just simply going up stairs to the office. Even more now is the fire in me to complete this..
sure I hope I won't the lottery of the biggest loser but if I am meant to do it "on my own" then I will. No more sitting on my tooshy hoping my number comes up in the BL lottery. Yes I plan on still auditioning ... But i am going to be a little bit lighter each time until I am under the cut off weight.

So, as I create my " plan" and dream boards and prepare myself I will enjoy the newest seasons of weight-loss shows and cheering peeps on twitter or f-book.

But most of all I will begin loving me.

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