Saturday, December 31, 2011

To let the "true" me show

As 2011 cones to an end, I look back at the year and am amazed at how much can happen.... so quickly too. This year came with it's ups and downs, but as you can tell by the fact I'm writing this, I survived. If I was truly honest I would say I have grown a lot!

This is shown ( to me at least) by the fact that someone I met at the lowest point of this year for me told me the other day that she's a change in me. I have experienced so much this year that I am a stronger and slightly more confident person. Though she did tell me that she knows of the one major reason why the " true" me isn't coming out. But that is what I am working on starting in 2012. For reals this time.
I have a plan.
I have an accountability person.

I am ready to let myself live.

I don't look back on this past year and regret things done or not done. Instead I feel the change that occurred me. It feels good to "take charge" and not let things pass by.

One step at I time.

One day at a time.

I welcome 2012 with open arms.

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