Thursday, October 13, 2011

To get up without making a "oomph" type noise..

Well.. long time no write! It has been a whirlwind... not really.. but time has gone fast (you will find I will say that a lot!! because it really

Lets see...
The most "major" thing so far is I got a job!!! (throwing arms up in air in celebration)... I am still in training, but it's going good so far and have gotten good feedback from the trainers.. I am working towards being a Behavioral Therapist. I realized going into the session trainings, that I play things up in my mind to psych me out. I just finished my first week of trainings, and looking back I wish I did not have any thoughts. I was soo anxious wanting to soak everything in and not wanting to mess up in front of the trainers, that I set myself aside/I was not my full potential. This is not the only thing I do this with... just another thing I need to work on.. haha..
Anywhoo... after each session, I get more and more confident. And more and more relaxed. Not that it has been easy peasy... but I was worried that I could not cut it. And I am proving to myself that I can. So woohoo... lol..

Now if only I could take that confidence to my health! I have been on a spiral down again. Excuses up the wahzoo!! From wanting to wait till I figure out what my schedule is going to be to not wanting to because I want to be able to move during the sessions.... It's ridiculous!! But Im trying to push myself to get back on track now. I have the whole weekend to "recoup" from a workout... my goal is to go at least twice this weekend. Then my sessions are all in the evenings, so I can get a morning and/or late night workouts in during the weeks. Then after my final exam I will re-evalutate my schedule and make further "arrangements"... That is the goal at least. I told myself I wanted to be lighter by the next BL audition.. and I will be!!

It is FALL!!!! woohooo!! Now if only the weather will catch it has been fall weather then HOTT for a couple days.. then back to fall weather... then hot again.. augh... It's been really whacking out my allergies.. lol.. but eh...

Im excited for what's to come!!

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